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New Secondary School for Walton & Molesey Area – Exhibition

The Elmwey Learning Trust, operators of Heathside School Weybridge, are seeking to open a new secondary school in the Walton and Molesey area. The proposal is for a new mixed, 11-16, non-faith and non-selective secondary school at a site south of the Xcel Leisure Centre, at Waterside Drive, Walton-on-Thames, to open for the 2020 academic year subject to planning permission.

The Trust is seeking views from local residents and stakeholders on its proposals, and are holding two public exhibitions to showcase the proposals:

  • Event 1: When: Wednesday 4th July: 5.30pm-8:30pm Where: Multi-Function Room, Elmbridge Xcel Sports Hub, KT12 2JP
  • Event 2: When: Saturday 7th July: 12:30pm-5pm Where: Molesey Centre for the Community, 2 Bishop Fox Way, Molesey, KT8 2AS

We would encourage local residents with an interest in this development to look at the exhibition, and respond with their views to the consultation.


We have been advised that a new planning application for the area around Hampton Court Station is being prepared, and that the developers will be holding a public exhibition of their plans on 21 and 22 June.

The public exhibition will take place on Thursday 21 June between 2:30pm and 8:00pm, and on Friday 22 June, between 10:00am and 2:00pm at Thames Motor Yacht Club, The Green, Hampton Court, KT8 9BW.

(Before the public meeting there will be a briefing for local Councillors on Monday 18 June, and a private viewing for local interest groups on 20 June).

We would encourage all local residents to attend this exhibition to find out what is being proposed.

We will look at these plans very carefully. Like most residents, we want to see a solution to this neglected site which will benefit local residents and tourists visiting Hampton Court Palace – but not at the cost of the sort of unacceptable over-development which was proposed by former owners Gladedale back in 2008.

Drake Park Appeal Dismissed

Residents Association and Liberal Democrat Councillors have issued the following Press Release:


Residents’ Association (RAs) and Liberal Democrat Councillors are absolutely delighted that the appeal into an application to build 1024 homes on Green Belt on land adjacent to Field Common in Walton has been dismissed by the Secretary of State. The application has been refused outline planning permission.

The recent joint RA – Lib Dem administration worked together to ensure that Elmbridge’s Green Belt was robustly defended. The best planning consultants and barristers were appointed to defend the Council’s decision to refuse planning permission on the Green Belt. The RAs and Liberal Democrats are proud that they have been successful in defending that decision.

Many RA and Lib Dem Councillors attended the Public Inquiry and supported local residents who rightly voiced strong concerns about building over 1000 homes on the Green Belt.

Residents’ Association and Liberal Democrat Councillors place on record their thanks to all the Officers of the Council who worked long hours in putting together the Council’s case.

This appeal decision follows from the large amount of work done by the administration in protesting to the Government about the housing need imposed on the Borough and the threat to the Green Belt.  The decision of the joint RA-Lib Dem administration to delay the production of the Local Plan until the evidence base was complete, and the revised National Planning Policy Framework had been published, has been completely vindicated by the appeal decision. The Appellants accused the Council of ducking difficult decisions and not planning for the homes Elmbridge needs.  However, in dismissing the appeal it is clear that the Secretary of State accepts that a robust plan, and a plan led approach, is the right approach.

There is strong commitment by the RAs and the Lib Dems, whether in the administration or not, to defend the Green Belt robustly. We will continue to protest to the Conservative government about the large housing need the Government has imposed on the Borough.

We are proud of our record in administration of defending the Green Belt.

For further information contact:

Cllr Stuart Selleck  (RA)

Cllr Karen Randolph (RA) former Portfolio Holder, Planning,

Cllr Andrew Davis (Liberal Democrats)


Jolly Boatman – Latest News

It looks as if there is at last some news about what the new owners of the Jolly Boatman site are up to. We understand that they are preparing plans for a major development on the land adjacent to Hampton Court Station. No details are available yet, but Elmbridge Councillors have been invited to attend a briefing on 18 June at which revised proposals for the site will be presented, and we understand that they also plan to hold a public exhibition later in June. We will update residents via our website when we have more news.

We will look at what is being proposed very carefully. Like most residents, we want to see a solution to this neglected site which will benefit local residents and tourists visiting Hampton Court Palace – but not at the expense of the sort of unacceptable over-development which was proposed by former owners Gladedale back in 2008.

Speech By Stuart Selleck, MRA Councillor and Leader of Elmbridge Council


The speech given by Stuart Selleck at the full Elmbridge Council Meeting on 16 May is set out below.

“Madam Mayor, Two years ago, the Residents’ Groups and Liberal Group Councillors joined together to form a coalition as the Administration on this Council.

At that time, there was much criticism, as well as speculation, that the Coalition would be short-lived and unable to achieve any significant changes to this Borough. I said then that I believed this was the most appropriate way forward for our residents and for the management of this Council.

I firmly believe that over the last two years, I have been proven correct. We delivered on our 2016 Election promises and have instigated a programme of infrastructure improvements to our car parks, Halls and Day Centres. We have also made a significant start to tackling the lack of affordable and social housing through setting up an arm’s length Housing Company, as well as developing properties in Weybridge, Thames Ditton and Cobham for homeless families to eliminate our dependency on Bed and Breakfast accommodation outside the Borough. This is one of our most significant successes, achieved without resorting to above inflation hikes in Council Tax, nor the depletion of Council reserves.

However, it is impossible to ignore the results of the Elections where the Conservative Group has 24 seats, the Residents Groups 15 and the Liberals 9. Effectively, there is no overall control of this Council.

Madam Mayor,  I have thought long and hard about the most appropriate way forward, and have recognised that there is a moral case that the party with the most seats should have the first opportunity to form the next Administration.

Therefore, having consulted my colleagues, I believe in the best interests of our residents and this Council, very reluctantly, I wish to offer you my resignation as Leader of this Council.

This has been one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever had to make and in doing so I want to reassure the residents of Elmbridge that in opposition we will still have an effective voice and will continue with our full agenda, working with the Conservatives, where possible, for the benefit of the residents of Elmbridge. Equally, where we believe the Administration are not working in the best interests of the residents of Elmbridge, we will robustly hold them to account.

We will remain steadfast in our commitment to defending the Green Belt, open spaces and protecting our heritage.  At the same time, we will continue to stand by our pledge to strive to enable the provision of genuinely affordable homes, particularly for young people and families, in the right places, with an emphasis on quality and design.

We stand by our decision to commit over £500,000 to renovate Hersham Village Hall and the planned improvements now in place for our other halls and day centres and ask the New Administration to honour this pledge.  We are proud to have rescued the underperforming grass verge and green spaces contract. Working with the Lawn Tennis Association we have protected and enhanced the provision of public tennis courts across the Borough and hope this will continue to flourish.  Despite the acknowledged problems at the start a new Waste Contract, I am pleased to say that this has now settled down providing a more comprehensive service at less cost to the local taxpayer.

I am also proud to say that, under our Administration, we delivered on the Sports Hub in Walton, introduced a flexible parking strategy across the Borough; including free Saturday parking in some areas.  We invested in a more robust Planning Compliance Team. On our watch, EBC together with its range of voluntary sector partners, has been recognised as a beacon of excellence for its work in tackling loneliness, described in the local press as a ’trailblazer’ and that the Government is now looking to us for best practice for advising other councils. Due to skilful financial management, our Administration, managed to deliver the lowest Council Tax increase in all of Surrey, without any cuts to services.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the tremendous work that all my Cabinet colleagues have put in over the last two years in bringing forward, sometimes under severe pressure, so many positive changes to this Borough. It is regrettable that they will not be able to build on the foundations that have been laid, but sincerely hope the new Administration will continue this good work.

Finally, Madam Mayor, Above all, I am very proud that over the last two years, we have positively changed the philosophy of this Council, both at Member as well as officer level. We have been passionate in our pursuit of excellence, engaged and cared about the people we represent and been ambitious to get things done for Elmbridge.

I have the greatest respect for Councillor Oliver, so I hand over to you to ask him to form the Administration for the coming year.”

Councillor Stuart Selleck



Graburn Way Car Park

Regular users of the Graburn Way car park will be aware that the condition of the surfacing is deteriorating badly as a result of the recent weather and the volume of traffic. There are numerous holes, especially near the entrance,  and some of these are becoming dangerous. MRA Councillors have discussed this with officers at Elmbridge Council, and they have agreed to have the surface repaired. They will need to appoint contractors, but we hope that these much needed repairs be undertaken as soon as possible.


ELMBRIDGE Council Local Election Results



BAX, STEVE –  CONSERVATIVE PARTY                  1337   ELECTED

HOWARD, LISA – GREEN PARTY                             183



RENDALL, ROSIE – LABOUR PARTY                          262




DORAN, MARC – LABOUR PARTY                         273

NAGLE, PAUL – LIBERAL DEMOCRAT                    181




Gas Works Update

We have been given the following update on the gas works:

“Following on from my communication earlier in the year I would like to provide you with a brief update about our work in Molesey.

Work has progressed well and we have now completed phase one of our project.

We will begin phase two on Tuesday 8 May and it is expected to last approximately ten weeks. We’ll be working in Walton Road from Grange Road to Rosemary Avenue. We’ll have temporary traffic lights around our site as we progress westwards along Walton Road. We’ll continue to manually control the traffic lights during this phase.

Information, maps of our work and updates can be found on our dedicated project page at:  

I hope I have been able to reassure you of our commitment to deliver a safe project and keep you updated. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards”


The Post Office has announced that the Walton Road Post Office re-opened on 5 April with a new temporary Postmaster.  The branch at 140 Walton Road had been temporarily closed since the end of August.

A Post Office spokesperson, said “We understand and appreciate how much communities rely on our services and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure of Walton Road Post Office. We are pleased to be able to restore Post Office service to East Molesey.”