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News and updates from the Molesey Residents’ Association.

05/02/2017 Heathrow public consultation – deadline 28th February

Heathrow consultation, deadline 28th February and link to this very useful website and document:

The Department of Transport has launched three important consultations:

– On the 3rd runway
– On airspace policy and other key noise issues
– On night flights

The deadline for responding to the night flight consultation is 28th February.  The deadline for the other two is 25th May.

Below we detail the consultations and include links to short briefings HACAN has produced to help you to respond to each one.

If you just want to do a brief response to any one of them, this should help:

Note: The Department is staging around 20 public exhibitions covering the 3rd runway and airspace consultations.  Here is the list:

Public exhibition to be held in Kingston on Wed 15th February 2017

24/11/2016 – Boat by Molesey Lock – Correction

There were some inaccuracies in our previous newsletter about the large boat which has been moored by Molesey Lock.  It was not correct to describe the boat as illegal, or to suggest that the owner had been ordered to move it (we understand he agreed to do so voluntarily).

Local residents have continued to contact us about the boat, and we will be adding updated information shortly.”

23/11/2016 – New tool for tracking planes flying over Molesey

Today Heathrow Airport have launched a new online tool called xPlane which allows you to find out exactly what kind of aircraft from Heathrow fly over your location, when and how often.
xPlane adds to our other map-based tools, Webtrak and Webtrak ‘My Neighbourhood’, to provide you with more information about the planes using Heathrow’s flight paths.
You can find out more on their website here:


Surrey County Council (SCC) is responsible for local on-street parking controls, and is carrying out a comprehensive review of its town and village on-street parking controls on a rolling programme, looking at each community in turn.  As we reported earlier, SCC’s review of parking controls in Molesey began in April, and we encouraged residents who had concerns about difficulties caused by on-street parking in their roads to contribute their ideas and suggestions to the review.

Surrey County Council (SCC) is responsible for local on-street parking controls, and is carrying out a comprehensive review of its town and village on-street parking controls on a rolling programme, looking at each community in turn.  As we reported earlier, SCC’s review of parking controls in Molesey began in April, and we encouraged residents who had concerns about difficulties caused by on-street parking in their roads to contribute their ideas and suggestions to the review.

The objective of SCC’s review, and SCC’s overall parking strategy, is to achieve a balance by providing sufficient on-street parking provision, subject to controls or restrictions where these are appropriate. SCC also said that one of the key criteria would be if parking at a particular location made the situation more dangerous.

Latest Position

SCC Highways Officers have now completed their review of controls in Molesey. The exercise has taken over 6 months, and they have assessed all requests made by local residents objectively in line with the Council’s overall parking policies and strategy. A number of changes to the current restrictions have been recommended, and these will now be published for formal consultation with a view to introduction in around 6-9 months.

Outcome and Recommended Changes

Many residents submitted requests and suggestions to the review and will be interested in the outcome. Some of the main recommendations are summarised below, but if you want to look at the details:

SCC Report Moleseys and Dittons parking review

SCC Report Moleseys and Dittons parking review Annex

The recommendations include:

Hurst Road: Extension of the double yellow lines on the south side of the road, in order to reduce congestion and blockages on this main road; and the removal of some yellow lines on the north side, near the War Memorial, to provide some additional spaces.

Bridge Road shopping area: Extension of the current limited waiting periods to prevent all day parking on Saturdays; provision of some short stay (30 mins) parking spaces; and provision of some motorbike parking spaces.

Parking on corners: Additional restrictions to prevent dangerous parking on or near corners in a number of roads, including Arnison Road, St John’s Road, Vine Road and Manor Road.

Requests not adopted

The Highways Officers assessed all requests objectively against set criteria and policies, but concluded that a number should not be progressed. These include petitions from residents in a number of roads in East Molesey asking for a one hour “residents’ only” scheme to prevent commuter parking in roads close to Hampton Court Station (including Palace Road, Wolsey Road, Arnison Road and others) to free up on-street space for residents and shoppers.

The officers considered these requests carefully, but concluded that they should not be progressed for a number of reasons. These are detailed in the officers’ report, but the officers concluded in particular that:

  • the residents in these roads generally have significant off-street parking, and the Council’s policy is to introduce permit schemes only where this is not the case;
  • the Council’s overall strategy seeks to avoid introducing restrictions which cause displacement, and the officers concluded that this would cause considerable displacement into streets already under parking stress which do not have off-street parking facilities (such as Kent Road, Pemberton Road and Park Road).
  • as there are already limited waiting provisions in the Bridge Road area it is difficult to conceive that there is a need to create a large number of additional on-street space for shoppers; and the current arrangements also allow space for local workers, who may be on relatively low pay, to park and work in the local area.

Next Steps

The Council’s intention to introduce the changes recommended in the Highways Officers’ report will now be advertised, and is subject to formal consultation. Depending on the outcome of the consultation exercise, the recommended changes would then be introduced in around 6-9 months.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact Councillor Stuart Selleck (

08/09/2016 Heathrow noise pollution over Molesey

Following my meeting with Dan Foster Special Projects Manager “NATS” National air traffic services at Heathrow.

Summary of the meeting.

  1. Heathrow have purchased 50 noise monitors which they want to place in the surrounding boroughs .Molesey being one of them. They are looking for secure open spaces in Molesey and the surrounding areas .This could be school Fields, Parks, large rear gardens, etc . The MRA need your help on this, if you know of any secure open places please forward to me at I will pass them on to the Heathrow noise forum and NATS.
  2. I will be seeking talks though the MRA with the airlines that affect us in Molesey and making recommendations’ that they use different away points in the their take off corridors which is 3 Kilometers wide  and we can all share the burden in the mean time.

Cllr Tony Popham


06/09/2016 Lights on Hampton Court Bridge

All residents should be aware that the lights on the bridge are being upgraded.  Richmond Council have removed half and  installled temporary lights, in order to maintain visibility on the bridge at night.  The original lanterns are being refurbished. 

Surrey County Council will replace the other half of the lights as part of a second phase later in 2016. 

06/09/2016 Tesco’s Bags of Help grant scheme

Tesco’s Bags of Help grant scheme has made changes to its exciting new grant programme funded through the money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland. The programme will now support local good causes and grants, and up to £5,000 will be available to support projects which will ‘promote community participation in the development and use of outdoor spaces’.

The types of project funded are very broad and you can find some examples on our website here. This could be delivering a community event in a local outdoor space, installing seating or play equipment in a school grounds or hospice to buying items such a football nets, balls and coaching sessions for a local community football club. We will also cover costs such as co-ordinators to manage volunteers, staff to lead nature walks, or training sessions, website development for publicity and promotion and workshops to inform about the environment.

As this is a rolling programme throughout the year, voting for projects will be happening continuously in Tesco stores. Three projects from each area will be shortlisted to go to the public vote each month. If your project gets the most votes across all stores in your region, you will win the grant amount you requested from us up to a maximum of £5,000. If your project is second, you will win up to £2,000 and if your project is third, you will win up to £1,000.

Apply NOW or find out more on For support or any queries contact your local Enabler on or by telephoning 01273 022320.

06/09/2016 Council Seeks Views on the Impact of Proposed Heathrow Expansion

Elmbridge Councillors are reviewing the impact of the proposed Heathrow expansion and are seeking the views of local residents.

The debate on the potential expansion of either Heathrow or Gatwick airports has been taking place for many years as Government ministers express concerns over noise and air pollution.

In the meantime, Elmbridge Councillors have been assessing the impact of the potential extension of Heathrow on the residents and businesses of the Borough.

In January 2016, the Council established a ‘Task and Finish’ group which has been considering the impact on Elmbridge of Heathrow’s potential expansion.  A ‘Task and Finish Group’ is part of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. It is established for the purpose of conducting an in-depth review of any service, policy or issue that affects the Borough. The work recognises that there could be significant economic and service benefits for Elmbridge residents but these need to be weighed against the environmental impacts and the effectiveness of any mitigation measures and assurances about flight paths and hours of operation.

Chaired by Councillor Christine Elmer, the considerations of the Group have been focussed on areas such as noise, air quality, economy, housing, transport infrastructure and safety.

Commenting on the aim of the Task and Finish Group, Councillor Christine Elmer said; “We are very aware that the expansion of Heathrow is an emotive topic for the residents and businesses of Elmbridge and as a Group we are eager to consider in depth all aspects of this debate. As such we are analysing issues such as noise, air pollution, transport infrastructure and safety with experts in order to determine the implications for Elmbridge.”

In addition to hearing from experts from all aspects of the debate, the Heathrow Task and Finish Group would like to hear from local residents on whether they would like Heathrow airport to have an additional runway. The survey can be accessed on the Council’s website and closes at midnight 30 September 2016.

The Heathrow Task and Finish Group is expected to deliver its report by the Autumn.

21/08/2016 Drake’s Park Proposal – Meeting on 24th October 2016

Following consultation with both the East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee Chairmen, Councillor Mrs. Kapadia and Councillor Mrs. Sheldon, a joint meeting of these Area Planning Sub-Committees has been scheduled for Monday 24 October 2016 at 7.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber.

The Council is holding a joint East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee meeting to consider an application in respect of Drake Park. Colleagues in the Planning Services Team have indicated that given the scale of the proposals for this application and the fact that it falls within both the East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee localities, a separate joint meeting would be appropriate.