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News and updates from the Molesey Residents’ Association.

21/08/2016 Drake’s Park Proposal – Meeting on 24th October 2016

Following consultation with both the East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee Chairmen, Councillor Mrs. Kapadia and Councillor Mrs. Sheldon, a joint meeting of these Area Planning Sub-Committees has been scheduled for Monday 24 October 2016 at 7.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber.

The Council is holding a joint East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee meeting to consider an application in respect of Drake Park. Colleagues in the Planning Services Team have indicated that given the scale of the proposals for this application and the fact that it falls within both the East and North Area Planning Sub-Committee localities, a separate joint meeting would be appropriate.

26/07/2016 Possible Sale of Land at Bishop Fox

We have been contacted by a number of local residents about the possible sale of the
green amenity land at the Bishop Fox estate in West Molesey, which have been
advertised for sale by auction on 27 July.
MRA Councillor Mike Axton has discussed this with senior Planning and Legal officers at
Elmbridge Council, and they have provided detailed advice about the implications.
Whilst they fully understand residents’ concerns about the uncertainty associated with
the possible sale of the land, they have confirmed that the potential for a new owner to
develop this land in any way, or in fact to do anything which alters its present amenity
use, is strictly limited by the planning rules that apply to it, as well as by title restrictions
and additional physical constraints (the pipelines which are believed to exist).
Under planning provisions, the land is designated as ‘open space’ within the definition of
the National Planning Policy Framework, and so paragraph 74 of that Framework would
apply, as would section DM20 in Elmbridge Council’s Development Management Plan.
These policies are specifically designed to protect areas of open space from
development and inappropriate use, and their impact on the land would not be affected
by any sale to a new owner. It is also understood that the Bishop Fox estate was laid out
in the current configuration as there is a major pipeline under the open space which
prevents building on it, although a purchaser’s survey would be needed to establish this.
But the title for the land implies that this is the case, as it contains a number of
covenants and restrictions affecting it. Most of these relate to rights/wayleaves for utility
companies in respect of pipes beneath the land and it follows that these parts of the land
cannot be built upon.
Concerns have also been raised about the ongoing maintenance of the land, including
the grass cutting arrangements. As you are probably aware, some time ago the owners
became unable to continue funding these arrangements, and ultimately Elmbridge
Council agreed to take over these maintenance functions, supported by some funding
from Surrey County Council. If a new owner were to buy the land they would also
assume the obligations associated with ownership, including the maintenance costs, and
this is something the Council would need to explore with any new owner. It is possible
that these obligations are reflected in the rather low expected sale price. It is to some
extent also difficult to understand why anyone would want to purchase the land given
these obligations.
Some residents have asked what would happen if travelers were to buy the land. This
would not alter the planning restrictions in any way. They would have no right to settle
there even if they owned the land. In such an eventuality the Council would use its
established protocols for dealing with unauthorised encampments and enforcing
Any decision to sell the land would be a matter for the current owner, and the Council
would not be able to intervene in what is essentially a private matter. But there are
certain provisions that a sale would need to comply with. The land is registered with the
Land Registry under title number SY650437. The registered proprietors are Michael
John Gaston and Walter Kenneth Goldsmith, the trustees of the Charity known as the
Public Open Spaces Charitable Trust. There is a restriction on the register which
prevents a disposition unless the instrument giving effect to the disposition contains a certificate complying with section 37(2) or, in the case of a charge, with section 39(2) of
the Charities Act 1993. The charitable objective of the Trust is to ‘hold various pieces of
land as a public open space to the intent that the same may at all times hereafter be
available to and be used by the public at large for the purpose of recreation’. The Trust
Deed (dated 25 October 1989 as amended by a Scheme dated 18 June 2013) would
therefore need to be reviewed to establish the basis upon which the Trust could sell the
land at auction.
Finally, some residents asked if it would be possible for the Council to purchase the
land. In view of the restrictions which would apply to any new owner they do not
consider that this would need to be considered, but they have confirmed that it would not
be a viable option in any case. The Council has in the past received numerous similar
requests from residents who are concerned about potential development of current open
spaces, and it would not be affordable or practicable for the Council to adopt a policy of
purchasing land in such circumstances.

26/07/2016 Heathrow update from Cllr. Tony Popham

It was agreed at the full council meeting on 20/07/16, that the leader would write to the Government on behalf of Elmbridge and Molesey residents based on my question to the leader. I have also asked that EBC rejoin LAANC “Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council (which the Conservative administration stopped  some 4 – 5 years ago to save £400 a year membership). So short sighted, EBC are currently the only local authority around Heathrow not to be a member of LAANC
The question to the leader –
Aircraft noise has been increasing over Elmbridge and Molesey due to the lower flight paths the Aircraft are taking. Also they are landing and taking off before and after the cut times. Take off no earlier than 6am and no later than 11pm and landing no earlier than 4.30 am and no later than 11pm.These rules are being are being ignored by Heathrow. Will the council on the behalf of the Residents write to our MP and to the PM letting them know this practice has to stop?

Cllr Tony Popham

28/06/16 Green Lane Bridge Reopened

We are pleased to inform all residents that Green Lane Bridge is now reopened!

The first three pictures are of the opening of the bridge on May 6th 2016 by Julia Nielson, granddaughter of Mr Christian Nielson, the benefactor who donated Nielson’s Field to the district on 6th May 1935 (81 years ago to the day!) as a celebration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V (6th May 1935).

Nielsens 1

Nielsens 2

Nielsens 3

Nielsens 4

Julia Nielson having a chat after the opening with Brian Bowles who lived nearby when the 1935 opening happened.

Nielsens 5

The plaque on the pier of the bridge commemorating the original opening and the Silver Jubilee of King George V

For the 1935 Nielson’s Field opening the ‘openers’ were the youngest girl pupils from the East Molesey school and the West Molesey school.
The monochrome photos are of that opening with the festivities that followed.
Below these is the original programme from 1935 opening (front and inside)

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (1)

This was the original opening of Nielsen’s Field in 1935

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (3)

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (4)

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (5)

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (2)

Green Lane bridge 1935 opening (1)

Programme for 1935 opening      Programme for 1935 opening 2

20/06/16 Flooding in Molesey. Links and phone numbers of the organisations you need to know

Environment Agency and Flooding.              

Flood line number   0845  9881188 Environment Agency

  • Flood warnings and to see if your property is at risk. Click on the link: Flood Risk
  • Flood map of our area. Click on the link: Flood Map
  • Obtaining Flood risk Insurance. Click on the link: Insurance    
  • Preparing for a flood. Click on the link: Preparation

Understanding different sources of flooding

Floods can happen anywhere at any time, caused by rising ground water levels burst water drains, rainwater running off hillsides as well as flooding from rivers and the sea. Even if you live miles away from the coast or a river, there’s still a chance flooding could affect you.

The most common sources of flooding are:

  • River flooding happens when a watercourse cannot cope with the water draining

into it from the surrounding land. This can happen, for example, when heavy rain

falls on an already waterlogged catchment. Environment agency 0845 9881188.

  • Surface water flooding happens when heavy rainfall overwhelms the drainage

capacity of the local area. It is difficult to predict and pinpoint, much more so

than river or coastal flooding. Surrey County council 03456 009009. Elmbridge council 01372 474474.

  • Sewer flooding happens when sewers are overwhelmed by heavy rainfall or

when they become blocked. The likelihood of flooding depends on the capacity

of the local sewerage system. Land and property can be flooded with water

contaminated with raw sewage as a result. Rivers can also become polluted by

sewer overflows. Thames water 0800 3169800

  • Groundwater flooding results from water levels in the ground rising above

surface levels. It is most likely to occur in areas situated over permeable rocks,

called aquifers. These can be extensive, regional aquifers, such as chalk

or sandstone, or may be more local sand or river gravels in valley bottoms

underlain by less permeable rocks. This is not a significant source of flooding in

Wales. Surrey County council 03456 009009. Elmbridge council 01372 474474.

  • Reservoir flooding. Some reservoirs hold large volumes of water above ground

level, contained by walls, or ‘dams’. Although the safety record for reservoirs

is excellent, it is still possible that a dam could fail. This would result in a large

volume of water being released very quickly. Thames water 0800 3169800

06/06/16 Surrey County Council Community Improvement Fund

Need funding for something your community will love?

The Community Improvements Fund has been running for four years and can make a project a reality. It’s designed to help people turn a great idea into something real that will benefit people in their community. This year there is extra funding available to support projects that will improve local shopping areas/parades.

The types of things you can get funding for are:

  • Disabled access to a venue, premises or row of shops
  • A mini-bus to help elderly people get around
  • Cycle parking or seating by your local shopping parade or community facility

About the fund

The grants are available to cover capital costs for community infrastructure projects. For community improvement projects you can apply for a grant of £10,000 to £30,000, for shopping parade projects the minimum grant is £5,000 (up to £30,000). Ideally bids should be for things that support Surrey County Council’s strategic objectives of making sure everyone in Surrey has a great start to life and can live and age well, and that Surrey’s economy remains strong and sustainable. For more information visit:

31/05/16 Heathrow increased noise from Air Traffic “Have your say”

The next meeting of the Heathrow Community noise forum is on Wednesday 6th July which Cllr. Tony Popham will be attending. There is a public gallery at the  Heathrow academy. If any one would like to attend then please email you can only observe. You can also register a noise complaint at:

Residents need to keep the pressure on our MP Dominic Raab as the MRA are doing. So he is fully aware of the Molesey residents strength of feeling.

30/05/16 Molesey in Bloom

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel Molesey in Bloom for this year.  Lesley Yauner, who was organising it, has been out of action for a large part of this year. That coupled with the disappointing interest shown has resulted in this decision.

Lesley very much hopes to get it up and running for next year.  If you are interested in taking part please email Lesley at or call on 020 8224 2094.

We really hope as many of you as possible will take up the challenge.