Pavilion Housing Development Proposal

The Pavilion site was originally half of the 18 acre Guardian Royal Exchange (Bank & Insurance) company’s Sports Field. In the 1970’s, GRE and/or their potential developers of the site, obtained planning permission to build 133 residences on 9 acres of the site.(Now the Kings Chase estate). There was furious opposition to this and as a consequence, a legal contract, known then as a section 52 planning contract, was made with the Elmbridge Borough Council, that the remaining 9 acres of open space would remain as open space exclusively for sports use.

The company controlling the Pavilion Sports Club, has more recently sectioned off a substantial area of the 9 acres and it is said, sold off this area to Bloor Homes of Newbury. It is possible that one or more of the directors of the Pavilion Club have some ownership in the Bloor Homes company. Bloor Homes made a planning application for 76 houses and flats. They attempted to persuade Elmbridge Council that land at Esher Rugby Club could be substituted for sports use in place of the lost Molesey sports use land. The Council refused permission as did the Appeals inspector at the following planning appeal.

However, Bloor Homes went to the High Court and managed to get the appeal decision quashed. Therefore, a second appeal was held and the planning refusal was again upheld by the new planning inspector. Bloor Homes again went to the High Court but this time the Court agreed with the planning inspector.

A revised planning application has been submitted for a development of 42 homes together with a mini football pitch and children’s play area on the Pavilion Club open land in Hurst Lane.  Especially after the long battle to oppose the earlier applications.

Molesey Residents Association will be formally objecting to this new application and will oppose it at every opportunity. Residents can view the new application on Elmbridge’s website at, searching under planning application 2016/2444.

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