Public Transport in Molesey

The public transport network serving Molesey is both infrequent and poorly coordinated, and the MRA is pressing for improved bus and train services for our community.  Unfortunately we are dependent on the companies running these services, and so far they have been very reluctant to engage with us in any meaningful sense.

Cllr Mike Axton has discussed the 411 bus timetable with the operators, Epsom Coaches.  They recognise that it is not coordinated with the Hampton Court train service, and have kindly asked their drivers to wait at Creek Road for a few minutes to allow passengers arriving at Hampton Court to catch the 411 in the evenings.  But they say they cannot formally change the timetable itself, as this is set by Transport for London.  Mike has therefore gone direct to TFL to ask them to revise the timetable, but so far has not received a reply.

It has long been a source of frustration for people living in Molesey that the half hourly train service between Hampton Court and Waterloo was reduced to one train an hour in the evening.  MRA Councillor Mike Axton has met representatives from South West Trains a number of times to press the case for more trains throughout the evening, and as reported in our Summer Newsletter, they finally agreed to do so, with the extra trains starting to run at some point during the next year. As you may have noticed, the additional trains started running from 13 December 2015, from Monday to Saturday.  This means that there are now two trains an hour between Hampton Court and Waterloo right up to the last train. This is an excellent outcome to a long campaign by the MRA, and we would encourage local residents to make good use of the additional service to make sure we keep it.

(Please note two of the extra evening trains back from London depart at 22.12 and 23.12, so they are not precisely at half hourly intervals)

411 Bus

Live Map of 411 Bus

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