The Molesey Residents Association has been working for Molesey since 1965 and provides all year round support for the environment in Molesey. Help us keep Molesey a lovely place to live. Follow us on Twitter ay Molesey@ResiAssociation

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Library Services Coffee Sessions
Dementia Flyer.WeybridgeDC.23Sept Dementia Flyer.WA Dementia Flyer.Dittons.28June Steve Sanson is organising networking coffee and tea sessions across Elmbridge over the next few weeks and months. They are very much connected to the promotion of Surrey library services to those with Dementia, but the numbers now turning up to visit and exhibit offers the chance for a much wider agenda and the chance for Continue Reading
Parking Review - Molesey ON NOW
Parking Review – Molesey ON NOW
The Surrey County Council (SCC) rolling review of its town and village car parking controls is looking at each community in turn. The review is now considering East and West Molesey, and we understand that it will run until the end of May, with the results and recommendations being published in the Autumn. The Molesey Residents Association is encouraging Continue Reading
411 Bus – Molesey needs a double decker at peak times
The Molesey Residents Association are still lobbying to get a double decker bus service on the 411 route at peak usage times.  If the 6 MRA candidates are elected to the council on 5th May they will continue to push for improved public transport services.  

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