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06/09/2016 Council Seeks Views on the Impact of Proposed Heathrow Expansion

Elmbridge Councillors are reviewing the impact of the proposed Heathrow expansion and are seeking the views of local residents.

The debate on the potential expansion of either Heathrow or Gatwick airports has been taking place for many years as Government ministers express concerns over noise and air pollution.

In the meantime, Elmbridge Councillors have been assessing the impact of the potential extension of Heathrow on the residents and businesses of the Borough.

In January 2016, the Council established a ‘Task and Finish’ group which has been considering the impact on Elmbridge of Heathrow’s potential expansion.  A ‘Task and Finish Group’ is part of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. It is established for the purpose of conducting an in-depth review of any service, policy or issue that affects the Borough. The work recognises that there could be significant economic and service benefits for Elmbridge residents but these need to be weighed against the environmental impacts and the effectiveness of any mitigation measures and assurances about flight paths and hours of operation.

Chaired by Councillor Christine Elmer, the considerations of the Group have been focussed on areas such as noise, air quality, economy, housing, transport infrastructure and safety.

Commenting on the aim of the Task and Finish Group, Councillor Christine Elmer said; “We are very aware that the expansion of Heathrow is an emotive topic for the residents and businesses of Elmbridge and as a Group we are eager to consider in depth all aspects of this debate. As such we are analysing issues such as noise, air pollution, transport infrastructure and safety with experts in order to determine the implications for Elmbridge.”

In addition to hearing from experts from all aspects of the debate, the Heathrow Task and Finish Group would like to hear from local residents on whether they would like Heathrow airport to have an additional runway. The survey can be accessed on the Council’s website and closes at midnight 30 September 2016.

The Heathrow Task and Finish Group is expected to deliver its report by the Autumn.