The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

A recent tweet from the Heath

MRA councillor’s were recently made aware of a tweet  from another Molesey Councillor.  It goes as follows:  “The sign at Molesey heath has seen better days.  The MRA ward councillors ought to get it cleaned up or replaced”.

Sadly signs do degrade when exposed to the elements, and it is good that in this instance it has been flagged so that something can be done.  The signs around Molesey are placed and  maintained by different bodies.  And very few of them are placed and maintained by the MRA itself.  This sign is one of many the MRA doesn’t have ownership of, it is the responsibility of Elmbridge Borough Council.

The MRA Councillors take that view that Molesey “councillors” represent all Molesey residents, regardless of where they themselves live (be it East, West, Esher or Walton) or ward in which they hold office.  And when elected, all Councillors have both the responsibility and ability to assist when they see problems in our community.  They are elevated from being only bystanders to empowered representives of the electorate. No residents consider ward boundaries when crossing a street, parking a car or walking in our precious green spaces. These may be things the author of this tweet would like to bear in mind when next brodcasting to the wider world. 

For the reassurance of all Molesey residents and councillors, cllr. Mike Axton has contacted the relevant officer at Elmbridge Borough Council to get the sign on the Heath repaired.

We will keep you all (sign-) posted….