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Boundary Commission – Proposed New Constituency Boundaries

The Boundary Commission for England has published its initial proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries. The proposals and maps for the nine English regions have been published on the Commission’s website and an eight-week public consultation period has commenced. This will be the first time the public will get a chance to see what their new constituencies might look like, and give the Commission their views on the proposals.

For the 2023 Review, the Commission is promoting use of a specifically-designed consultation website as the primary tool for displaying proposals, and receiving comments on them. This is available at:

The Commission have also published a Partner Pack, that you may find of interest.

In respect of this Review, electorate figures and boundaries are based on current ward arrangements, unlike the 2018 review which was still using pre 2016 ward boundaries/electorate figures.

With regard to Elmbridge, I draw your attention to the following:

  • the Commission has proposed a new constituency of Weybridge and Chertsey.  Within Elmbridge, this includes Oatlands, Weybridge as well as Downside and parts of Cobham;
  • in the initial proposals, the electors in polling district J(C), Walton Central Ward would change from the new Weybridge and Chertsey Constituency to the Esher and Walton Constituency.  If this proposal was to be approved, the Borough, County and Parliamentary boundaries for polling districts JB and JC would be coterminous and as the electorate of J(C) is relatively small (approximately 200), it may be appropriate to consider combining the two polling districts to one polling district JB.
  • electors in polling district O(D) Oatlands and Burwood Park Ward and P(D) Weybridge St. George’s Hill Ward, would change from the Esher and Walton Constituency to the new Weybridge and Chertsey Constituency.  The Borough and Parliamentary boundaries would be coterminous, however, the County boundary would be different and therefore polling districts O(D) and P(D) will remain the same.

If you have any queries on the Commission’s initial proposals, please contact the Commission direct, by email: