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Car Parking Charges – Update

The Conservative publication “The Molesey News” has recently printed an article regarding the proposed increases in car parking charges, and the possible future of the Walton Road Car Park.


The article does not tell residents – whereas our “Molesey Residents’ Newsletter” does – that charges will continue to rise every year through to 2015, when it will be 50p per hour, a massive 150% increase over today.  Also, and perhaps more damaging to local businesses, is that Saturday charging will come into force.


The Molesey Residents Association continues to oppose any increase in charge for using the Walton Road car park, and we also oppose the plan to introduce later charges, and Saturday charges.  In a vigorous debate at the Council the Molesey Councillors tried to persuade the Conservative Administration that, before any increases are implemented, more consultation should take place at a local level for all the car parks in the Borough, to enable everyone to analyse the potential effect on individual areas and circumstances.  This was rejected by the majority Conservative group.


Had it not been for the efforts of our Molesey Councillor Stuart Selleck, on Elmbridge Borough Council, the Conservative Administration would have increased the charges on 1st January 2013.  As it is the increased charges will at least be delayed, and will now commence from 1st April 2013.


”If you value Molesey Car Park, then use it” is the headline in the ‘Conservative Molesey News’.  We believe that this is a veiled threat to Molesey residents that if the income from Walton Road does not increase, then part (or even the whole) may well be sold for development.  This strategy is to apply to all the car parks in the Borough and is in the Administration’s Corporate Plan 2013/14 under Point R7.


The Editor of the Conservative Molesey News, Steve Bax, when standing in last year’s Borough Elections for Molesey East, promised in his election manifesto:

“Free parking for our town centre!”


Plus ca change…




(19 February 2013).