The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

Ernest Mallett is elected to Surrey County Council

Ernest has been elected to the West Molesey seat at Surrey Country Council. He received 58% of the vote, far exceeding the total of any of the other candidates.

Ernest had the following to say, “I am very pleased with my substantial majority and it is very nice to have that support. It could have looked a bit thin if I had been only one or two votes above, but to get more than 3,000 votes overall is very helpful. I think, basically, the local man won. People are interested in voting for someone who is local and local elections are decided on the back of local personalities and I am one of those.”. He adds, “This is in recognition of the work that it (The MRA) does throughout the year, it doesn’t just appear at election time. It is doing things all the time.”

Molesey Residents’ Association would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported the MRA candidate.

Ernest Mallett Molesey Residents’ Association 3237 (58%)
Peter Myson Conservative 955 (17%)
Irene Hamilton Labour 843 (15%)
Alistair Sturgis Lib Democrat 568 (10%)
Turnout 60.3 %

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