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Funding Available for Local Projects – Applications Accepted From 21 February

Elmbridge Council will soon be accepting applications for the annual local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding. The application period is Monday 21 February to Sunday 3 April 2022 at midnight, with the applications being reviewed in June and early July.

CIL allows Elmbridge Borough Council to raise funds through development in the borough to help pay for the physical infrastructure needed to mitigate the impacts of new development.  As part of the process, we annually allocate a portion of CIL funds to be spent locally on smaller infrastructure schemes that are required in the communities where development took place.

Settlement area committees known as ‘Local Spending Boards’ have been formed where local Councillors decide on how these local CIL funds will be allocated. In the case of Claygate, the local proportion of CIL funds will be passed directly to the Parish Council.

Councillor Karen Randolph, Portfolio Holder for Planning is a keen advocate of the CIL process and is delighted that local groups have benefitted from the funding:

“Working in partnership with schools, charities and other non-profit organisations, CIL can provide vital funding to help improve the lives of the people of Elmbridge. I would highly recommend local groups to review the criteria and submit an application for funding.”

Successful local CIL applications have included projects such as improvements to state schools to better enable them to meet the needs of an increasing school population, improvements to community facilities, footpath works and countryside access improvements.

Find out more on on the Community Infrastructure Levy webpages.