The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.


The MRA, thanks to the efforts of MRA Cty. Cllr. Ernest Mallett, has completed the Spring replanting of the small War Memorial Gardens at the old Police Station Green and at the West Molesey War Memorial, plus the Horse Trough at Bridge Road and the Flower Bowls at the East & West Molesey War Memorials. For the Winter planting  in  September and the Spring Planting in May, the cost of the materials are around £400. Further to this, our member and Fleetside Estate Co-ordinator, Wendy Guest and her work party chief, Rod Thorn, are provided with a considerable amount of plants and compost to keep the green areas of the Fleetside Estate looking good.

We have a problem, mostly at the West Molesey War Memorial, with a resident fox which is keen to dig up the garden looking for worms. His residence seems to be encouraged by someone feeding him sponge cake from time to time.  Other foxes do occasionally attack the other sites, but the West Molesey site is a real hassle to keep the garden looking good. The recent very dry weather has not helped and Ernest has been out every other night, often at 9 or 10PM to keep all the gardens watered. Slightly more annoying, is the secret beer drinker at the old Police Station Green. Since the wet weather arrived, Ernest has been keeping the slugs at bay with Tesco cheap cans of beer, (25p at time), sunk near slug prone plants like the now shooting-up Dahlias and Africa Marigolds. Although some earth gets mixed in with the beer,  some-one has taken, late at night, to extract the cans and we presume, to drink the contents as the empty cans are left nearby. Ernest thinks he or she may have swallowed a few slugs in the process which at least, is reducing the slug population!