The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

Molesey Feeder Schools

There has been much concern by parents in Molesey that their children have had difficulty in accessing a place at Esher High School for their secondary education. Historically, when the closure of Molesey’s secondary school, Bishop Fox, was fought and lost in 1984, one of the mitigating factors was an agreement with the then Secretary of State for Education, Keith Joseph, that Molesey children would be guaranteed a place at what was then the renamed Trinity School, now Esher High.

SurreyCC has been slow to give full force to this agreement in recent years but the integrity of the agreement has continually been brought to the County’s attention by Cty. Cllr. Ernest Mallett, who has also briefed parents to do the same. Consequently, County organised a consultation in concert with Esher High on this matter. Primarily St.Lawrence School, Hurst Park School and Chandlers Field School are in the frame for becoming recognised feeder schools to Esher High. However, the consultation has also highlighted St. Albans R.C. school as needing for some of its pupils to access Esher High. The governing body at Esher High are responsible for the school’s admission arrangements as it is a Church of England Faith School. The governors have been made fully aware of the concern of all Molesey parents including those with children at St.Albans. Very shortly, it is hoped there will be a positive decision on these matters by the governors of Esher High.

If any Molesey parent wishes to add their voice to this matter they should contact Elmbridge Molesey R.A. Councillor Nigel Cooper on <>, Tel:020-8224-0712, or write to the Head at Esher High School, Moore Lane, Esher. Nigel is a governor at Esher High School.