The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

New Red Bus Stop Bays in Molesey

The following letter was sent from MRA councillor Mike Axton to Transport For London following the recent work on bus stops in East and West Molesey.

Dear Sir or Madam

New Red Bus Stop Bays in Molesey

I have been contacted by a number of local residents who are concerned about the large Bus Stop markings which TFL has recently installed in a number of local roads in Molesey. The new markings involve large strips of red tarmac with ‘BUS STOP’ written in white (sometimes twice, and sometimes three times), along with wide band yellow markings around the edges.

We have noticed that these new sections are not uniform in length, but a considerable number of them are as long as 37 metres, more than twice the length of the buses using these bus stops.

Some of the new markings placed directly outside residential houses are causing great inconvenience and annoyance. While I would agree that this sort of action might be appropriate near busy shopping areas, they create a very unwelcome environment along some of the purely residential areas in which they have been installed. A number of them cross driveway entrances and paths to houses, and they have removed long established roadside parking facilities for many local residents. A good example would be the bus stop in Walton Road, West Molesey, to the west of the junction with Faraday Road.

It is regrettable that these new markings were installed without notice or consultation, either with local residents or local councillors. Such markings appear to achieve little or are not solving any problem which can be determined as previously existing in front of residential properties, since some areas were already yellow-lined and other areas very lightly used by bus passengers.

Given that there has been no consultation, I would be grateful if you could review the locations at which these markings have been installed in Molesey. In situations such as the Walton Road location which I have highlighted I would ask you to reduce the length of the stops in order to minimise the disruption to local residents (I have noticed that in locations such as Kingston these stops are generally much shorter).

I would be very happy to attend a meeting to discuss this.

Yours Sincerely

Mike Axton