The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

Pavilion Development – Hurst Lane

Over the last few weeks, the MRA Councillors have received numerous letters and emails objecting to the above proposed development.

The MRA Councillors totally agree with all the objections that have been raised and how detrimental the building of 76 homes on this site will be for East Molesey.

As a Borough Councillor, Stuart Selleck and his fellow Molesey Residents Councillor Tony Popham have fought hard against the application and were on the North Area Planning Committee which voted against Bloor Homes proposals.  With the help and support of many residents, they again defeated the application at an appeal hearing in front of the Government’s Inspector.  Subsequently, Bloor Homes went to the High Court and, on a technicality, managed to have the the Inspector’s reasons for rejection overturned.

Consequently another appeal in front of a different Government Inspector took place over three days last month. Councillors Selleck and Popham argued against the development using many of the objections that you have raised and we were subjected to fierce cross examination by Bloor Home’s QC.  The reasons for again dismissing this appeal have not altered since the original decision for rejection was found in MRA’s favour.

The situation is now out of the Councillors hands as we all await the Inspector’s ruling which can take at least 5-6 weeks.  We hope he will see common sense and again rule in our favour.

You can be assured that whatever the outcome the  Molesey Residents Councillors, will continue to resist over development in Molesey.