The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

Service Disruptions at Hampton Court Station

As regular travellers will know only too well, train services from Hampton Court Station have been diabolical in recent weeks, with delays and cancellations attributed variously to overrunning engineering works, strikes, broken rails and broken-down trains. The Hampton Court service appears to be disproportionally affected by these disruptions – for example, during the recent strikes there were no trains from Hampton Court at all, whereas reasonable services were maintained at other stations (in the past they have at least run a shuttle service to Surbiton). We are raising our concerns with South Western Railway urgently, and are also pressing for them to keep the toilets open later, and to improve the cycle storage facilities, as thefts remain common.

Amidst all this chaos we have been advised that South Western Railway is now planning to install ticketing gates at Hampton Court Station before Christmas as part of an exercise to reduce fare evasion.