The Molesey Residents Association is a non-party political organisation which aims to protect and enhance the amenities and the environment of East and West Molesey.

Walton Road – Temporary Road Closure

We have been advised by Surrey County Council (SCC) that there will be a temporary closure of Walton Road between its junctions with Rosemary Avenue and New Road, a distance of 255 metres.

Vehicular traffic will be diverted, west of the closure, via Walton Road, Hurst Road, Riverbank, Hampton Court Way, Creek Road, Bridge Road and Walton Road. East of the closure via Walton Road, Bridge Road, Creek Road, Hampton Court Way, Creek Road, Bridge Road, Riverbank, Hurst Road and Walton Road.

This is to enable SCC to carry out carriageway patching and/or resurfacing.  The closure will operate from 31 October 2018 for a period of 5 days, however works are anticipated to take place over 2 nights between the hours of 20:00-06:00. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed.